The TFT Shield simplify Arduino/Fishino boards connection with a TFT touch display.
It supports interrupts, touch screen and has reset and wake-up buttons on board.
Technical specs:
Compatible with all Fishino and many Arduino boards

Thanks to some jumpers is possible to use the TFT Shield with Fishino UNO, MEGA, Guppy, Fishino32 and the future Fishino Piranha boards; it's also compatible with Arduino UNO, MEGA and Nano.

Reset and wake buttons on board

The shield has 2 buttons, one to reset your board easily and the other one which can be used as a general-purpose button, with wake-on-press ability.

Buzzer on board

A small buzzer is provided to bring audio feedback to your interactions with the display.
The buzzer can be disabled by a jumper.

3.3 Volt power regulator on board

The shield has a 3.3V 1A linear regulator on board, which lowers the requirements on the 3.3V arduino supply pins, which are rated for 300 mA max.

All I/O driven to sides connectors

All board's I/O lines are driven to side connectors, to facilitate the connection with external periferals
On Fishino32 the audio connector is also provided on shield's sides.

Electronic schematics, Eagle files and board pinouts