Octopus is an universal I/O and PWM expander shield. It’s a board in Fishino/Arduino’s shields format bringing 16 digital I/Os and 16 PWM outputs.
Technical specs:
100 % compatible with Fishino and Arduino boards
Octopus has the standard shield layout, allowing usage on almost any Arduino and compatible boards.
16 Digital Inputs/Outputs

Octopus brings 16 additional digital I/Os per board, with full interrupt support.

16 PWM outputs with 12 bit resolution
Octopus brings 16 additional PWM outputs per board.
Can stack up to 8 boards

It is possible to stack up to 8 Octopus boards, for a total of 128 digital I/Os and 128 PWM outputs.

Supplied with an easy to use software library

The supplied Octopus library allows simple usage, quite similar to normal Arduino I/O commands.

Works over I2C interface

Octopus uses just the I2C interface, without requiring any additional I/O. Optionally it can drive an interrupt input using Fishino/Arduino pin 3 or 4.

Electronic schematics, Eagle files and board pinouts