Colibri is an universal RGBW or quad single color power LED driver. It can drive up to 8-10 RGBW 12 Watt or 32-40 single color 3 Watt LEDs.


Technical specs:
Up to 1A driver current capability

Colibri can drive up to 1 Ampere per output, for a total of 4 Ampere driving capability on all 4 channels.

Constant-current source

Colibri drivers are constant current sources, factory calibrated for 300 mA.

Output current can be changed with a single resistor value

You can change output driver current simply replacing a single resistor per channel.

Can accept more than 30 Volt on input

You can power Colibri with more than 30 Volt, allowing driving series of 8-10 RGBW LEDs.

Driven by analog and/or digital PWM signal

Colibri output current can be changed with an analog voltage (0 Volt to 2.5 Volt) or with a standard PWM digital signal, for example from a Fishino board.

High performance switching technology

Colibri uses switching technology with a conversion efficiency from about 80% up to 95%.

Electronic schematics, Eagle files and board pinouts